New building of Agilent technologies

July 23, 2015

Latest company news about New building of Agilent technologies



   On April 25, 2013, the new official building of the Agilent technologies has come into use in Shanghai. This is also the third company which expanding their headquarters in Shanghai after Perkin Elmer, Walter.

    On September 5, 2012, Perkin Elmer has expanded China headquarters in Shanghai. Perkin Elmer new Shanghai office is located in Shanghai Zhangjiang hi-tech park, which is a building with the total area of 8250 square meters and 6 layers. In the new headquarters, Perkin Elmer provides the area of 1000 square meters as the new customer experience center (CKC).Customer experience center is divided into two diagnostic instrument display showcase including analytical instruments and life science showing the every product line of main equipment mainly for diagnosis, life science, environment, food and chemical markets. The center can also offer the user training center functions.


The Agilent technologies Shanghai headquarters is located in Hongkou district, Shanghai, taking up for 5 floors. The new important facility is the "outstanding customer center" and "open laboratory". New "outstanding customer center" is the nation's largest customer service center including six core functionality like equipment demonstration, customer training, project cooperation, staff training, method development, personnel training .And new "open laboratory" has been a agilest technologies in the world to establish the first customer-oriented completely free measurement laboratory. It will now be geared to the needs of customers to provide a more professional measurement in the field of environment, covering the entire product/project life cycle, from the very beginning, research and development, product design to production/implementation stages, provides a measure of the corresponding solutions and professional technical advisory services.


In addition, according to marketing communications director Mao Junling introduction of the Game's fly the world's science and technology of China, the game's fly the China headquarters in Shanghai this year will be from the original 2 buildings, add 1 on the basis of building greatly expand the operating area, mainly used in the research and development, after-sales service and training.