Why need to do lithium battery testing?

December 15, 2021

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Why do lithium battery testing?


1. Adhere to the recycling concept of green and environmental protection

Although lithium batteries have brought many benefits to people's lives, it cannot be ignored that many elements in batteries have a great destructive effect on soil, water quality and the ecological environment. Through the detection of lithium batteries, the remaining electricity can be recycled many times, and after a series of perfect work, the electromagnetic can be reborn. Lithium battery testing is the work advocated by the modern green production concept, and it is the need of the entire industrial chain.


2. Provide consumers with better after-sale protection

It is important to know that the service targets of lithium battery testing are many electronic manufacturers, but the actual service targets are mainly electronic product consumers. It is often the excellent service of lithium battery testing that makes consumers recognize the product. Regular testing of lithium batteries in electronic equipment can also eliminate safety hazards in the first time and provide consumers in the market with better battery after-sales maintenance. And test.


3. Reduce battery production costs and save costs

There are elements such as lithium alloys and lithium alloys in the production of lithium batteries. These elements are not only complicated in production processes, but also expensive in price. Professionally supplied lithium battery testing continues to reduce battery usage and production costs, focusing on battery capacity saturation and usage. After testing, it is possible to clearly find the problems in the battery and provide timely solutions. This most of the companies borrowed money to save money.

The reason why many electronics manufacturers conduct lithium battery testing is to test the concept of green and environmental protection and promote the efficiency of battery recycling. The core of electronic products is the battery, and most consumers are concerned about the after-sales service of the battery. Another reason is that the production of lithium batteries can reduce the cost of battery production, saving manufacturers of production costs and battery costs.


What are the testing items for lithium batteries?


In order to ensure the safety of lithium-ion batteries, domestic and foreign institutions have formulated various safety testing standards for lithium-ion batteries.


Extrusion, acupuncture, impact, vibration, drop, burning, high-altitude and low-pressure tests all require professional battery testing machines for testing. In order to ensure the safety of the battery, check for unqualified batteries and avoid battery safety accidents.

Summary: The above is the importance of lithium battery testing. In general, power lithium batteries have higher requirements for product "quality and safety, product consistency, and subsequent maintenance costs", and their product quality needs better assurance Therefore, the detection of lithium batteries is particularly important.