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PLC Control IEC 62133 Battery Safety Testing Equipment / Thermal Abuse Case Stress Test Chamber

PLC Control IEC 62133 Battery Safety Testing Equipment / Thermal Abuse Case Stress Test Chamber

PLC Control IEC 62133 Battery Safety Testing Equipment / Thermal Abuse Case Stress Test Chamber

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: GAOXIN
Certification: ISO
Model Number: GX-3020-B150T

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: no fumigation wooden box
Delivery Time: 25 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 30 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Application: Battery Safety Testing ( Case Stress, Thermal Abuse ) Temperature Range: RT~200 ° C
Explosion-proof Vent: 500*500mm, Pressure Relief Vent Is Automatically .return To Original Position Temperature Controller: PLC Touch Screen, PID+SSR/SCR
Temperature Sensor: K Type Temperature Sensor Inner Box Size: 500*600*500 Mm W*H*D
High Light:

Test Instruments


Adhesion Testing Equipment

Product name: Battery Thermal Shock Test Chamber


Model number: GX-3020 -B150T


This machine can be used for module case stress at high ambient temperatures as well as thermal abuse and thermal testing.



This machine can be used for module case stress at high ambient temperatures as well as thermal abuse and thermal testing.

  1. After the battery (pack) is charged, test it at ambient temperature of 70±2°C for 7h, then shift it out from the oven, cool to room temperature, and the battery case required free from physical deformation that causes the internal components to be exposed

  2. Place each fully charged cell in a natural convection or forced air oven. The oven is raised to an average heating rate of 5 ± 2 ° C to 130 ± 2 ° C. The battery is maintained at this temperature for 30min, the battery does not explode, no fire is qualified.

Technical Parameter


Temperature range RT ~200 ° C
Temperature display accuracy ±0.1 °C
Temperature uniformity ± 2 ° C
Temperature accuracy ±0.5 °C
Heating rate (5±2)℃/min (linear no-load, adjustable heating rate)
Temperature overshoot range (stability) After reaching 130 degrees, the temperature overshoot≤ 2°C
Inner box size 500*600*500 mm (width * height * depth)
Outer box size

700*1150*1500 mm (width*height*deep)

(Including pressure relief vent and smoke exhaust part)

Temperature Controller Touch screen programmable temperature controller for total temperature rise time control, segmented control program, easy to operate

At the right of equipment

Inner box material SUS#304 first grade stainless steel
Outer box material cold rolled steel plate paint treatment
Insulation material high efficiency compression glass wool
Observation window double tempered glass observation window, size 250*250*5 mm
Safety protection device no fuse switch, over temperature protection switch, porcelain fuse, first over temperature alarm
Exhaust flue Located above the equipment and with a gas collecting device, the flue gas generated by the explosion can be discharged through an external pipe.
Explosion-proof vent design

Located above of the equipment, surrounded sealed by high-temperature sealing strips, and the insulation layer is made of soft aluminum foil and glass wool.

The size of the explosion-proof vent is 500*500mm, that is the top of the whole box is explosion-proof vent

After the pressure relief is completed, the pressure relief vent is automatically .return to original position

Control formation automatically turn on the time meter after the temperature reaches the set temperature, cut off the heating power after the time arrives, buzzer prompt
Temperature cycle Blower cycle, using high power fan
explosion-proof door lock Stainless steel explosion-proof door lock, and added chain lock for secondary protection
Weight 210kg
Power supply AC220V±10﹪,50Hz,,16A
Power 4KW



Design principle:


The machine has a built-in forced air circulation loop. The wind source is driven by the circulating motor to drive the wind wheel through the electric heater, and the hot air is sent from the air duct to the inside of the oven, thereby reducing energy loss and ensuring temperature uniformity in the box. When the closing and opening door causes disturbance, the air circulation system can quickly return to the operating temperature value, and there is an inlet and outlet port, the air circulation is smooth, the ventilation is fast, Avoid spontaneous combustion explosion caused by excessive concentration of combustible gas.




  1. The temperature control is PID automatic computer intelligent temperature control table, PV/SV display at the same time, the required temperature can be set freely according to the individual's will within the allowable range of the machine temperature, and it can be controlled by the PID parameter setting in the table. At the same time, the temperature control table can set the 30-stage humidification program and control the heating rate (average humidity, nonlinear no-load).

  2. Temperature sensor:K-type temperature sensor

  3. The current controller adopts the imported thyristor solid state relay (SSR) without contact and no spark phenomenon, and maintains the high stability and safety of the current. The output ratio is automatically adjusted by the temperature controller signal;

  4. Timing: automatic temperature control, The timer will start automatically when the set temperature is reached, The power will be cut off automatically when reach the set time (when the timing switch points to the open position, the actual temperature on the temperature control table - PV value reaches the set temperature - When the SV value is set, the timer starts to work; when the time of the timer reaches the set time, the heater of the machine is turned off, and only display power supply of the control instrument and accelerate the speed of cooling, thus It ensures the time accuracy of the work and saves the loss of power, and it is convenient to observe whether the temperature inside the box is normal when the work is completed;

  5. Structural design features: inner box stainless steel plate full circumference welding + square tube reinforcement + insulation cotton + outer box A3 cold-rolled plate vertical pattern paint, and double door structure on the door, double tempered glass observation window, effective Prevent the destructive force of the explosion caused by a possible explosion;

  6. The explosion-proof pressure relief vent is located the top of the box, which can effectively vent and automatically recover when the battery explodes;

  7. Explosion-proof door lock: The door is equipped with an explosion-proof door lock, and a chain lock is added to protect the secondary explosion-proof.



Controller description

Programmable touch screen control system Touch screen smart programmable temperature regulator


Adopt imported micro-computer large LCD(320*240 dots) Chinese and English display control system, LCD touch panel, backlight 17-segment adjustable, curve display set value / display value, The curve can display a variety of alarms respectively. When the fault occurs, the fault can be displayed on the screen to eliminate the misoperation. Multiple sets of PID control functions are displayed on the screen in data form. The test data curve can be exported to the EXCEL table via a USB cable for data saving and record analysis.


With a wide temperature control range to meet the needs of users


Temperature control adopts touch intelligent programmable temperature regulator (PID+SSR/SCR forward and reverse bidirectional synchronous output), including computer advanced slope control logic, R'S-232C and 485 communication interface device, It is convenient for users to remotely control and centrally control. Computer connection control, editing, recording and two sets of dynamic contacts (TIMER SINGAL RELAY), intuitive and easy to read, and can be equipped with temperature recorder


With program correction, clear, scheduled start, power failure memory and other functions.



Safety protection system

1.1. Line fuse overcurrent protection;

1.2. Out of phase and anti-phase protection switches;

1.3. Over temperature protection

1.4. Overload protection


Equipment List

Main machine: 1 Set

Stainless steel shelf: 2 PCS

Manual: 1 Copy

Asbestos board: 1 PCS

Product certification: 1 Copy


PLC Control IEC 62133 Battery Safety Testing Equipment / Thermal Abuse Case Stress Test Chamber

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