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Computer Control Battery Forced Internal-Short Circuit ( ISC ) Tester for IEC 62133.8.3.9

Computer Control Battery Forced Internal-Short Circuit ( ISC ) Tester for IEC 62133.8.3.9

Computer Control Battery Forced Internal-Short Circuit ( ISC ) Tester for IEC 62133.8.3.9

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Gaoxin
Certification: ISO 2008
Model Number: GX-6055-CSM

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Non-fumigation wooden box
Delivery Time: 25 working days
Payment Terms: FOB Shenzhen, L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 50 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Control System: PLC+Computer Display: Circuit Display On The Computer
Test Space: Test Width: 200mm (standard Size), Test Stroke: 100mm (without Clamp) Test Load: 100kg (ie 1000kg Commonly Used For 1000N), Usually 40kg And 80kg
Cylindrical Battery Test Head: 10*10*16mm Stainless Steel + 10*10*2mm Nitrile Rubber Square Or Prismatic Battery Test Head: 10*10*16mm Stainless Steel + 10*10*2mm Nitrile Rubber +6*6*2mm Acrylic
Extrusion Action: Pressure Is Applied From Top To Bottom Temperature Range: -5 ° C ~ 100 ° C;

Product name: Battery Forced Internal Short Circuit Test Machine

Model number: GX-6055-CSM

Equipment description

This product is designed according to the latest requirements of the latest IEC62133 standard UN38.3 and the Japanese industrial standard JIS C 8714:2007. The simulated battery is subjected to forced internal short-circuit test under certain ambient temperature conditions or extruded test under normal temperature conditions. The test box inner box is stainless steel. Material, temperature uniformity, and air exhaust function (ie, exhaust emission after the test is completed).

The control system is: PLC touch screen menu operation, the voltage acquisition data frequency can reach 100 times / sec, and the test pressure, pressure holding time, measured pressure, battery voltage, battery deformation, voltage drop, etc. are set by PLC programming.



Temperature control box

The surface of the cabinet is highly sprayed, with a high-quality appearance and a flat non-reactive handle. It is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

Double-layer vacuum-coated window and Philips energy-saving fluorescent lamp eliminate the need for wiper defogging and maintain clear observation. The condition of the sample can be observed at any time.

Originally imported French Tecumseh fully enclosed compressor, imported environmentally friendly refrigerant, world famous brand of refrigeration equipment, imported PLC touch screen system, easy to learn.

It has the power failure stop function, the power failure cold start function, and the power failure hot start function.

With fault alarm, test end alarm.

Pressure, displacement, voltage, temperature test system

Power acquisition system

High-precision US SUNCELL force sensor with a capacity of 2000kg and a force test accuracy of ±0.5% F.S.

Capacity segmentation:

Seven files in the whole process: ×1, ×2, ×5, ×10, ×20, ×50, ×100.

High-precision 25bits A/D, sampling frequency 200Hz.

Pressure display accuracy: 1N

Power system

Japan Matsushita AC servo motor.

Panasonic servo drive.

Worm gear reducer.

Taiwan imported high-precision ball screw and linear guide.

Control system:

Temperature control adopts PLC control mode to make the control more precise and the operation is more convenient;

Speed ​​control range: 0.01~20mm/s;

The adjustment of the intermediate board has a fast thick strip and a slow fine adjustment function;

After the test, it will automatically return to the origin and automatically save.

Display mode: Circuit display on the computer (Customer prepare computer)

Test space:

Effective test width: 200mm (standard size);

Effective test stroke: 100mm (without clamp).

Full displacement:

Encoder 2000P/R, which improves the accuracy by 4


The anti-interference ability of the US PASO encoder is extremely strong;

Displacement analysis: 0.001mm

Voltage Control and Acquisition:

Real-time acquisition of voltage data, voltage range: 0-10V DC;

Voltage display accuracy: 1mv, voltage acquisition frequency: 100 times / sec,

The voltage data can be customized within the range of the range, and can reach the data reached by the voltage (such as down to 50mv) to achieve equipment shutdown;

Security Settings:

Overload emergency stop device;

Upper and lower stroke limit settings;

 Automatic breakpoint stop function.


Temperature control box

Temperature range: -5 ° C ~ 100 ° C;

Resolution accuracy: ±0.1 °C;

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5 °C;

Temperature uniformity: ±1.5 °C;

Limit low temperature: -5 ° C;

Heating rate: average 3 °C / min (from 0 ° C to 100 ° C, nonlinear no-load, average temperature rise);

Cooling speed: average 1 °C / min (from 100 ° C to 0 ° C, nonlinear no-load, average cooling);

Inner box size: W400×H500×D400mm;

Inner box material: 304 stainless steel plate, bottom reinforcement;

Outer box size: W1060×D 1600×H2100mm;

Machine weight: about 300kg

Power supply: 3∮, 220V, 50Hz, 5.5kW


Internal short circuit test system

Test load: 100kg (ie 1000kg commonly used for 1000N), usually 40kg and 80kg

Load resolution: 1/10,000; unit conversion: kg, lb, N

Load accuracy: ≤0.5%F.S

Maximum multiple of force: 7 segments automatically switch;

Displacement resolution: 1/1000;

Displacement accuracy: ±0.01 mm;

Speed ​​range: 0.01~20mm/s adjustable, common test speed: 0.1mm/s;

Effective stroke: 100mm (without gripper);

Test the maximum plane: 200 × 200mm (can be customized);

Voltage acquisition range: 0~10V;

Voltage resolution: 1mV;

Voltage acquisition frequency: 100 times/second;

Internal short circuit workbench material: stainless steel plate, plus Teflon tape, corrosion resistant;

Forced internal short-circuit head size: two sizes

Cylindrical battery test head is: 10*10*16mm stainless steel + 10*10*2mm nitrile rubber

Square or prismatic battery test head: 10*10*16mm stainless steel + 10*10*2mm nitrile rubber +6*6*2mm acrylic

Number of indenters: 5 of each;

Extrusion action: pressure is applied from top to bottom;

Pressure-applying step: Apply pressure to the part where the small cell is placed with a small nickel plate at a speed of 0.1 mm/s using a standard press tool, and monitor the voltage change at the output of the battery using a voltage acquisition system (voltage acquisition) Frequency is 100 times/second. When a voltage drop greater than 50mV, or when the applied pressure reaches the required level (cylindrical battery 800N, square/diamond battery 600N/400N), stop reducing the press tool and keep it for 30s. And then remove the pressure.


Description of temperature control system

1. Touch-type intelligent programmable temperature regulator: It adopts imported micro-computer digital temperature controller, multi-group PID control function, and displays it on the screen in data form.

2. With a wide temperature control range to meet the needs of users.

3. The unique balance temperature adjustment method can be used to adjust temperature. Stable, balanced heating capability for high-precision, high-stability temperature control.


4. All components for heating and cooling are completely controlled by the microcomputer, and the system is completely independent. It is equipped with an intelligent controller, which greatly improves the setting accuracy.

5. With program correction, clear, scheduled start, power failure memory and other functions
Touch smart programmable temperature regulator

Adopt imported micro-computer large LCD LCD (320*240 dots) Chinese and English display control system, LCD touch panel, backlight 17-segment adjustable, curve display, set value / display value curve can display various alarms respectively, fault occurs The fault can be displayed on the screen to eliminate malfunctions. Multiple sets of PID control functions are displayed on the screen in data form.

7-inch 640*480 dot matrix. TFT color

LCD display

1200 programs, the program can be cycled

RS-485 interface with remote communication function

SD card stores test data, about 7500 days (sampling period: 5min)

Operating language: (Chinese or English)



Main machine 1 Set
Forced internal short circuit standard pressure device 1 Set
Standard extrusion heads 5 Set
Manual 1 Copy
Standard nickel plate 5 PCS
Product certificate 1 Copy
Packing list 1 Copy


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