• PLC Control Servo Drive Battery Crush Testing Equipment
  • PLC Control Servo Drive Battery Crush Testing Equipment

    PLC Control Servo Drive Battery Crush Testing Equipment

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Gaoxin
    Certification: ISO 2008
    Model Number: GX-5067-C

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    Packaging Details: Non-fumigation wooden box
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    Supply Ability: 50 sets per month
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    Adhesion Testing Equipment


    Peel Adhesion Test Equipment

    Product Description

    PLC Control Servo Drive Battery Crush Testing Equipment

    Product name: Battery Crush Test Machine

    Model number: GX-5067-C

    crush test method description

    Cylindrical or prismatic, bag-shaped, button/coin-shaped cells or batteries are crushed between two planes which the diameter greater than 20 mm. Cruh at the first contact point at a speed of about 1.5 cm/s until one of the following three conditions occurs:

    The maximum pressure reaches (13±0.78)kN;

    The battery sample voltage drop at least 100mV (or 1/3);

    At least 50% (or 1/10) of deformation when compared to the initial thickness of the battery;

    Once the maximum pressure reached or voltage drop exceeds 100mV (1/3) or the cell core deforms by more than 50%(1/10), the pressure should be relieved.

    For prismatic or pouch cell specimens, only the widest surface shall be extruded;

    For button or coin cell samples, compress the plane;

    Cylindrical cells should be extruded in the vertical direction of the vertical axis.

    Each test cell sample should be subjected to only one crush. The test sample should continue to be observed for 6 hours, and no other test was performed before the sample test.


    Maximum pressure range: 0~20kN (usually 13 kN)

    Pressure display accuracy: 0.01N, sensor resolution: 1/100,000;

    Power display: high-precision pressure sensing and display through PLC

    Control mode: PLC automatic control mode

    Unit Conversion: kg, N, lb

    Displacement resolution: 0.05 mm

    Testing Speed: 0.01~20mm/s Adjustable

    Compression space: 300*300*300mm (width * height * depth)

    Machine crush stroke: 200mm


    Crush Plate: Dia. 20cm or 15cm Round squeezing board


    Tester Type: Vertical mechanism, this structure has significant advantages:

    Guide column are 45 # cast steel height, with sufficient strength and stiffness;

    Chrome plating surface to enhance the wear resistance, work space spacious;

    Do not bend over to easily place the battery sample;

    Operating system:

    Manual and automatic two operating modes;

    Test machine structure: divided into the inner box, the middle compartment, three parts of the box,
    l Inner box material: high-grade stainless steel plate all week welding, while the inner box 1/3 affixed with high temperature and flame retardant properties of Teflon tape, in the protection of the test box at the same time, easy to clean after the test, Long rubber cloth easy to replace;

    Outer box material: cold-rolled steel plate high-level thermal spraying treatment;
    l In the middle of the buffer layer from the role of insulation, when the box is too large pressure, the pressure can effectively relieve the impact of the outer box, and when the box due to the test sample burning temperature is too high can effectively interrupt the temperature transmission, Personal safety


    Equipment door:

    Single door double door, the motor drive precision ball screw automatic lift, left and right each have a diameter of 25mm guide chrome rods;

    Door lock: automatic sensor door lock, the door automatically closed when testing. After the test is completed, the door can be opened automatically or the door is opened manually;

    Box door with a safe power off sensor switch, when the box door open, the device control part of the power can not start, can not follow-up operation, only when the box door closed before the start of the control program to follow the operation, the role of protection;

    Between the door and the door frame with high-performance sealing material and a unique rubber seal structure, sealed, high temperature resistance, good anti-aging.

    Observation window:

    Structure for the double vacuum glass, glass inside and outside the paste explosion-proof membrane, tempered glass thickness of 10mm;

    Double glass can be installed between the square anti-spray screen, in the protection at the same time, you can observe the internal test situation.

    Test hole: located on the left side of the box to facilitate the external voltage, temperature, current acquisition line.

    Battery Placement Platform:

    Material for the stainless steel, the middle left a diameter of 20mm puncture hole, easy to puncture, place the platform just below the electrolyte collection plate, can be collected at any time during the test leakage, easy to extract the electrolyte;

    Lighting Design:

    The top of the test chamber is equipped with an LED explosion-proof lighting, dust, explosion-proof, fire, explosion-proof lamp shell easy to replace.

    Emergency stop:

    Squeeze acupuncture machine with "emergency stop" button, easy to emergency situations in the emergency treatment;

    "Emergency stop" button for emergency situations, stop acupuncture testing machine all the action to prevent the occurrence of harm;


    Equipment strength support part: the bottom of the device is equipped with a fixed universal roller and fixed position for the adjustable support feet;


    Exhaust smoke system:The rear of the box is equipped with exhaust fan, with exhaust duct, external exhaust fan, while the left side of the box open air inlet, after the end of the test can open the air inlet to achieve the box Flue gas quickly discharged; in the test, you need to first open the external exhaust fan.


    Smoke alarm system design: equipment with automatic ventilation smoke sensor device. For the explosion of the battery may occur, first in the test area with smoke alarm, when the test sample produces smoke, the smoke alarm can automatically detect the equipment itself, the fan automatically starts (you can also start the test at the beginning of the fan will start ), While the testers can be reminded to manually open the external exhaust fan, smoke through the exhaust pipe discharge test room.


    Drive system


    Servo control system: the original imported servo motor with servo drive output power, through the screw drive extrusion head or needle to set the speed of the battery to the battery. Extrusion / acupuncture speed adjustable can be set.

    Maximum stroke: 300mm.

    Test speed: 0 ~ 1.5cm / s (adjustable)

    Test force range: 0 ~ 20kN (adjustable can be obvious)




    Transmission mode: Servo motor drive


    Crush direction:


    For a cylindrical battery, the longitudinal axis of the extrusion cell should be parallel to the two plates of the extrusion device.


    For square and soft pack batteries, squeeze only the wide side of the battery


    For coin or button batteries, the upper and lower planes of the battery are pressed parallel to the plate.


    Only one squeeze test is performed on 1 sample.


    Battery crush Head (Plate): Standard square extrusion board (20*20cm in size) or φ15cm round extrusion board, easy to replace and replace


    Crush: As long as any one of the following conditions is met during the test (whichever comes first), the equipment can be depressurized and the crush test can be completed.

    The crush force reaches 13 kN ± 0.78 kN);

    Or battery voltage drops at least 100mV (or 1/3);

    Battery deformation reaches more than 50% (or 1/10) of the original battery size




    Voltage control:


    (1) real-time display data, voltage range: 0-10V DC;


    (2) voltage display accuracy: 1 mv, voltage acquisition frequency: 100 times / sec


    (3) voltage data in the range can be customized, PLC can reach the voltage reached the data (such as down to 50mv) to achieve equipment downtime;


    Delay function: 0-9999S can be arbitrarily set and adjust the test time


    Machine size: 800×800×2030mm (width×height×depth)


    Power supply: AC220V, 50/60HZ, 10A


    Pressure, displacement, voltage, test system functions and features


    Power Acquisition System:


    High-precision US Suncell power sensor with a capacity of 2000kg and a force test accuracy of ±0.5%FS


    Capacity segmentation:


    Seven segments: X10, X20, X50, X100, X500, X2000


    High precision 24bits A/D, sampling frequency 200Hz


    power system:


    Servo motor and driver


    Taiwan high precision ball screw


    Control System:


    Using single-chip communication computer control method to make the control more precise


    Speed control range: 0.01~20mm/s adjustable


    Intermediate plate adjusted with fast and slow speed


    Automatically return to the origin after the test, automatically save


    Test space:


    Test width: 300mm (standard size)


    Effective stroke: 200mm (excluding clamp)


    Full displacement:


    Encoder 2000P/R, 4x more accurate


    Strong anti-interference ability with American PASO encoder


    Displacement resolution 0.05mm


    Voltage control:


    Display data can be realized, voltage range: 0-10V DC


    Voltage display accuracy: 0.1mv, voltage acquisition frequency: 100 times / sec


    The voltage data can be customized within the range, and the control board can reach the data reached by the voltage (for example, down to 50mv) to achieve equipment shutdown.


    Extrusion fixture type:


    1 Set flat circular extrusion plates (20cm in diameter)

    Control system function and features:

    1. The test software also has automatic voltage collection function, according to the test requirements of the single battery, until the battery case is broken or the battery is short-circuited (the internal voltage of the battery becomes 0V), that is, the voltage change of the battery during the test is automatically collected during the test. When the voltage is zero, the device automatically stops testing;

    2. According to the requirements of the power battery test, the test system can be squeezed to 30% of the size of the battery module (ie, the deformation ratio), or set a certain pressure value (such as 200kN for the pressing force), when the extrusion test is reached. After the pressure value, the pressure duration can be set (within 1 to 9999 s) and the test is stopped, that is, the pressure test mode or the test is stopped immediately.

    3. It can be implemented or built-in high-precision encoder, which can be freely programmed in the test software to set multi-step, multi-stage extrusion test requirements. In the test in which the stroke control variable is set, after the extrusion test is finished, the pressing plate is kept in the state after the end of the test, and the expansion of the battery is prevented from causing the extrusion head to move back; and at the same time, after the extrusion is completed, The compression plate is returned to the initial position and two options are available.


    4. Combine the above various test requirements

    A. It can be used to test any single of them, pressure, the stroke nd voltage (the shape variable can be a numerical value or a percentage)

    B. It is also can be used to do the test of any combination of the three test(pressure, stroke, voltage), that is, to set three or two test conditions at the same time, and any one of the conditions is met, the testing stoped. Comply with all the latest international test requirements for single or modular batteries

    C. The test system can set the speed of the test, and can set the test speed required for the test in the computer software, the unit is: mm/min.




    Test machine main box: 1 Set

    Crush plate1 Set
    Manual: 1 Copy

    Maintenance instructions: 1 Copy

    Factory inspection report: 1 Copy

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