Common Tips about the Material Testing Machine

July 23, 2015

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Core tip: the tester what we often say refers to the material testing machine used to detect all kinds of material mechanical properties of the machine. Whatever the machines, they all have one thing in common-they can be  divided into test and control step.


    The tester we usually say refers to the material testing machine used for testing the mechanical properties of various materials. We commonly use classification methods according to purpose, such as universal tensile testing machine and textile machine. Although there are different name, but most machine is reformed on the basis of the universal machine. Of course not all testers are like that. There is pressure testing machine like torsion testing machine, is now mainly used for closed loop control, tensile, compression, bending and other tests are carried out. Commonly there are two different but connected views about tester- detection and control. Generally speaking, there is one controlling parameter but several testing projects, such as electricity with generally load displacement and deformation of test part.


    And the gear is divided into two kinds: detection step and step control. The testing step can improve the sensitivity of the measurement and solve the problem of big station with small things. The Control step is used to solve the problem of accurate "positioning" and solve the problem of measuring precision at the same time. It is important to note when step zoom in relation to divide class range, this is two different concepts, but also relate to each other. Step amplification refers to a local parameter of sensor amplifier, and the range step refers to a tester for the characteristic parameters. The latter has practical meaning for the user.


Converter is the important component of the pressure testing machine which can be divided into D/A, analog digital conversion, A/D - analog conversion digital quantity. The sensor is the device to translate the measured value into electrical signals. Common sensors are load sensor, strain gauge, displacement sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensor, thermocouple, heat resistance, semiconductor temperature sensor) differential pressure sensor, coppering. As quantity sensor, etc.


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