Fastening Belt Fatigue Testing Machine Application

July 8, 2015

Latest company news about Fastening Belt Fatigue Testing Machine Application


Standard: DIN - 3415

1. Roller diameter: on wheel diameter of 162.5 mm, the wheel diameter is 160 mm

2. The roller width: 70 mm

3. The scrolling speed: 60 RPM

4. Loadings: 5 kg

5. The counter: LCD, 0 ~ 999999

6. Size: 70 * 47 * 60 cm

7. Power supply: 1 30, AC220V, 3 a


    Fastening belt fatigue testing machine is suitable for the fastening belt (with Velcro) repeated stripping and laminating of fatigue tests. After a certain number times of tests, cut the specimen into 75 x 20 mm and shot the weight of the rolling wheel of this specimen and make them joint. Then test the bonding strength with the tensile testing machine. The machine is in accordance to DIN - 3415 test standard.


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