Footwear Product Testing Content And Method Reference Standard

June 8, 2017

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With the increasing quality of people's living standards, coupled with the rapid development of science and technology, a variety of new shoe materials continue to emerge in the market, people on the footwear products to ensure the quality of its concept is also growing, seeking high quality and cheap footwear The product has become a national footwear products to consider an important factor in trade. To this end, governments will regularly or irregularly review and revise the old laws and regulations on footwear products or the development of new laws and regulations on footwear products, methods and requirements to monitor the market footwear products meet its quality The request. In the international trade to maximize the risk of circumvention of footwear and protect the interests of both footwear manufacturers and footwear consumers are not damaged, to understand the quality of footwear product testing and its related requirements and development trends become very necessary.


Footwear products mandatory testing include:
(1) safety footwear product safety performance test, which mainly includes:
Safety shoes toe impact test;
Safety toe compression test;
Safety shoe sole puncture test;
Safety shoes upper anti - cutting test;
Safety shoes fire retardant test.


(2) safety footwear products and non-safety footwear products chemical harmful substances and microbial content testing, which mainly include:
Formaldehyde content test;
PH value test;
Hazardous heavy metal content test;
Harmful microbial content testing.


Non-mandatory testing of footwear products include:
(1) footwear products external quality performance testing, which mainly include:
Appearance test
Resistance to yellowing test;
Aging test;
Color fastness test


(2) the inherent quality of footwear product performance testing, which mainly include:
Resistant to torture;
Wear test
Non - slip test
Sole oil resistance test
Soles do not leave marks and so on.


Mandatory testing content and non-mandatory testing content According to the different test principles, can be divided into:
Appearance performance test
Physical performance test
Biological and chemical performance tests
Human mechanics performance test
Use and life testing