Instructions for a footwear Laboratory Build Up

August 1, 2017

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Multiple purpose testing

Electronic dynamometer

Thickness gauge

Light fastness tester (Xenon tester)

Uppers testing

BALLY flexing machine

BALLY penetrometer

Perspiration tester + hot air oven

Multiple light chamber for colour comparison

Electronic Lastometer

Water vapour permeability tester

Water vapour absorption tester

MARTINDALE abrasion machine

Hand driven Crockmeter

VESLIC rub fastness tester

Sole testing

BENNEWART flexing machine

Abrasion test machine DIN type

Analytical balance

SHORE A durometer & operating stand

Shoe laces testing

Shoe lace abrasion machine lace to lace abrasion

Shoe lace abrasion machine with 6 stations

Whole footwear

Whoe shoe flexing machine in water

Confort assessment – longitudinal and torsional stiffness of complete footwear

Confort assessment – falling mass shock absorption tester

Soles adhesion tester

Slip resistance tester

Specific machines for ladies shoes

Longitudinal and torsional stiffness of insole backparts and shanks

Heel fatigue tester

Specific machines when leather soles are used

Dynamic water resistance tester for leather soles

Bottom leather grain crack tester