ISO20344, ISO20345 List of Shoes Testing Machine

November 1, 2017

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GX-8002 Tensile tester adhesion of upper to sole ISO20344, ISO20345
GX-8002 Tensile tester energy absorbsion at seat region ISO20344, ISO20345
GX-8002 Tensile tester penetration resistance of the sole ISO20344, ISO20345
GX-8002 Tensile tester tearing resistance of leather/textile ISO20344, ISO20345
GX-8002 Tensile tester Laces tensile strength test ISO20344, ISO20345
GX-8002 Tensile tester Laces slippage and knot security test SATRA TM195
GX-8002 Tensile tester Attachment strength of shoe lace tags SATRA PM175
GX-8002 Tensile tester stretch resistance and elongation of leather ISO20344, ISO20345
GX-5036 vamp flexing machine flexing resistance of leather, material ISO20344, ISO4643, SATRA TM25
GX-5051 bally penetration machine, weight
penetration and absorption of water ISO20344, EN13518
GX-5028 Rubber/sole abrasion machine
and weight device
abrasion and density determination of rubber/sole ISO20344, ISO20345, ISO 12770
GX-5083 Bennewart flex machine flexing resistance of soles ISO 20344, ISO20345, SATRA TM161
GX-5010-A GX-5010-B Bennewart flex machine with cold
flexing resistance of soles in cold chamber /
hydrolysis test for PU soles (+ climate chamber)
ISO 20344, ISO20345, SATRA TM161
GX-5094 Water vapor permeability
water vapor permeability of material ISO 20344, ISO 20345
  Veslic machine color abrasion of material EN13516, EN13517
GX-5032 Steel / plastic toe caps testing
impact resistance of protective toe caps EN12568
GX-5064 Dynamometer Compression resistance of toe caps (in footwear) EN12568, EN ISO 20344: 5.5.
GX5076 Electrical conductivity tester electrical conductivity / antistatic traits of footwear ISO20344, ISO20345
GX-5090 Resistance of shoe to warm
testing the rise of the temperature in the shoe,
exposed to warm environment
ISO20344, ISO20345
GX-5026 Martindale abrasion machine abrasion of material structure and color ISO20344, ISO20345, EN12947
GX-5088 Hot contact machine resistance of material to hot contact ISO20344, ISO20345, SATRA PM49
GX-5023-B Ross flex machine testing the flex resistance of rubber / material ISO20344, ISO20345
GX-5010-A GX-5010-B Ross flex machine with cold
flexing resistance in cold chamber ISO20344, ISO20345
  Steel midsole testing machine midsole resistance to flex  
GX-5100 Slip resistance machine test the slip of the whole shoe or just the sole ISO20344:2004/Amd 1:2007, EN13287:2007
GX-5078-A Lace abrasion machine resistance of laces to abrasion SATRA PM93
GX-3000 Climate chamber Conditioning; humidity absorption, drying speed of
shoe or shoe materials
GX-3060 Xenon light test loosing of color of material on the light