Shoe Insole Material Test Standards

November 23, 2017

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Abrasion Resistance

Martindale ASTM D4966, SATRA TM 31
Taber ASTM D3884
Wyzenbeek ASTM D4157


Bond Strength (Peel) SATRA TM 101
Colorfastness to Crocking (Wet and Dry) AATCC 8/116
Compression Set and Recovery ASTM D3574
Dimensional Stability SATRA TM 98
Flexing Index SATRA TM 3

Insole Rib

Shear Strength SATRA TM 405
Stitch Tear PTL Methods


Light and Heat Aging AATCC 16, ASTM D573/G151/G154
Stiffness ASTM D747
Thickness ASTM D1777
Tensile Strength SATRA TM 2