• UL2054 PLC Remote Control Battery Pack External Fire Testing Machine
UL2054 PLC Remote Control Battery Pack External Fire Testing Machine

UL2054 PLC Remote Control Battery Pack External Fire Testing Machine

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GAOXIN
Model Number: GX-6053-L

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Non-fumigation wooden box
Delivery Time: 40 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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Detail Information

Material: Stainless Steel Application: Battery, Coin Cell, Pack
Control Model: PLC Remote Control Standards: SJ/T11169, SJ/T11170, Ul1642, UL2054
High Light:

battery test equipment


battery testing machine

Product Description

UL2054 PLC Remote Control Battery Pack External Fire Testing Machine

UL2054 PLC Remote Control Battery Pack External Fire Testing Machine


Product description:

Battery pack external fire test machine for battery flammability test, according to SJ / T11169, SJ / T11170, Ul1642, UL2054 test standards. Battery pack external fire test machine battery tray run to the top of the fire, the fire rose to the main limit, the high fire timer arrived, the battery tray retracted to the limit battery tray retreat at the same time, the fire fell to the limit fire Disc cover before moving to the limit, ten minutes after the fire board cover retreat, in order to achieve the test standards.


1. The overall structure: the fire test device consists of the lower base, oil pan, cover moving rails, oil pan cover, battery placement bracket, console, battery pack lifting device

2. Oil pan structure: composed of stainless steel oil pan and oil pan bracket;

Oil pan material: made of stainless steel plate, the number and size of the oil pan set according to the demand side;

  • Number and size of oil pan: 3mm thick high temperature resistant steel plate, 2 oil pan of 2800 * 1800mm, 2 independent oil pan built-in grids at the bottom and a water switch at the bottom of the grid, 10 grids
  • Oil pan height is not higher than the surface of gasoline 80mm
  • In the state of free combustion can be held for more than 5min burning fuel;
  • Oil pan cover 1: cover requirements fire-resistant, high temperature, corrosion-resistant. Size to cover the entire oil pan
  • Oil pan cover 2: fire test shelf requirements: the thickness of 70mm, made of refractory material, open on the board evenly distributed, the size of the long hole 15mm × 30mm, the total area of ​​the long hole is equivalent to the cover area of ​​60 %.
  • Covers cover an area of ​​2900mm × 1900mm, covering the flatness and stiffness to cover the oil pan, the oil pan and the outside world isolated.
  • Cover moving speed: (6 ± 0.5) m / min
  • Cover plate movement: chain driven
  • 3. Battery placement bracket: the use of removable car design. Car traction by the tractor to achieve the parallel movement of the car on the rail.
  • The upper part of the car: placed for the battery. the overall use of the channel frame structure. frame length 2800mm × 1600mm wide. to meet the maximum weight of 500kg battery test requirements;
  • The lower part of the car: the wheel and rail way. by the tractor traction parallel movement.

4. The overall framework black deal.

5. The control mode: plc remote control (equipment host and control cabinet connection cable length of 15m) + close-range adjustment

6. Guide rails: high temperature rail. oil pan fixed. mobile test mounting bracket; battery safety bracket and cover two guide rails. two per floor.

7. Load-bearing capacity: equipment base has sufficient strength. can take the weight of the battery pack 500kg and the weight of all structural parts of the upper part.

8. The bottom of the battery mounting bracket to the oil surface distance: the distance between the gasoline level and the test object adjustable in the range of 20cm ~ 70cm. with a height scale. common height of 50cm;

9. Battery mounting bracket can move distance: the furthest end and the oil pan distance of not less than 3.5m. the length of the moving rail is not less than 4m.

Battery mounting bracket moving speed: (6 ± 0.5) m / min

10. Oil spill collection tray: the bottom of the oil pan to take the steel floor to absorb oil spill. collection tray size can be included in the size of the oil pan. the number of two.


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